Membership & Associate Applications

Membership in LAFF is open to all fairs, festivals, and special events in Louisiana. As with any association, there is strength in numbers. These fairs, festivals, and special events create a special cooperative spirit through the hard work of volunteers and coordinators. In addition to the economic and community benefits, the events are a source of good, wholesome fun!

Associate memberships are available to organizations, businesses, and individuals who are associated with special events in some capacity, such as organizers, food vendors, entertainers, etc.

LAFF membership dues are minimal, providing an opportunity for every festival and event to participate as well as associates who provide services to our fairs and festivals. Membership is billed annually for the annual convention (February). To be included in the LAFF directory, dues must be paid by April 1. The LAFF directory is distributed to members of LAFF only and includes addresses, phone numbers, fax info, etc. If dues are paid after April 1 and by September 1, information regarding your membership will be printed for LAFF by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry and distributed nationwide by the Department of Tourism.

If you have any questions or comments about the Louisiana Association Of Fairs & Festivals, contact any member of the Board of Directors listed under Officers.


The following are a list of sample contracts which have been developed for certain fairs and festivals. They may be reproduced however, as stated in the disclaimer, it is not intended to and does not constitute legal advice, recommendations, mediation or counseling under any circumstance and no attorney-client relationship is formed.

Please be aware that within the various legal jurisdictions of the State of Louisiana, what might be proper and applicable in one parish, may not be proper or applicable in another.

You should always consult a local attorney before preparing any contracts for use by your event.

Queens Contracts

A standard contract which has been drafted specifically for use by Festivals of Fairs. Many of the terms are optional and can be omitted. Please keep in mind, especially with a Queens Contract, that some provisions in this Standard Contract may not be proper or applicable in your jurisdiction.



Entertainment Contract

A very simple engagement agreement which was developed for bands but can also be adapted for banquet speakers, special guests or other forms of entertainment.


Vendor Agreement

Depending on if or how your Fair or Festival contracts vendors the following is a sample agreement which can be used to lock in vendors. This sample agreement is designed for festivals that lease out spaces and do not charge for anything other than the space. If you use a ticket system and then charge a percentage, this contract may be used however it would have to be modified.


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