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Welcome to our official website!

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of Fairs and Festivals

Here in Louisiana, we know how to throw a celebration!  Great food, great fun, always memorable!  If you are looking for something fun to do, you've come to the right place!  We are the Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festival and we are here to help connect our event organizers with others that can make an already great tradition even better.   Membership in LAFF is open to all fairs, festivals and special events in Louisiana.


LAFF promotes the success of Louisiana's great fairs and festivals!  We also provide our members every resource available to us so that they may give their communities and our tourist the best experience possible.  If you are an organization, membership means having access to resources such as documents, contracts, contacts, suppliers, talent and attractions.

Dear Louisiana Association of Fair and Festival Members:


During these ever-changing times, our board has had to make several difficult decisions.  Many of our fairs and festivals have been directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and some of those who have not been affected yet fear that they will be in the coming months.  These differences in our world have left some of our fairs/festivals in stressful financial situations.  Our goal is to always do what is best for our members.  With that goal in mind, we have reached out to all of you for feedback regarding LAFF Convention for 2021.  We have listened to your concerns and asked for your opinions through the Survey Monkey you were sent.  We have collected your individual conversations shared with various board members and discussed them.  We have taken all of these into great consideration when making decisions for the Association.


After several lengthy discussions, the Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals board has decided to not have a full-scale convention in 2021.  We are planning a smaller event that will have networking and workshops, to continue to help our fairs and festivals rebuild and plan for the 2021-2022 fair and festival season.  We are currently working out the particulars of this event and one of our goals is to keep this as cost-effective for our members.


This decision was made based on many factors.  A couple of those factors included projected decrease in attendance for the 2021 convention based on data received from our members.  The burden of cost to our members during a time when many events are financially struggling was greatly discussed.  At the time of the survey, over 35 fairs and festivals had cancelled for 2020.


To reign in the cost, this smaller event will not include a LAFF pageant.  We have asked our current LAFF Queen, Danielle Jones, to carry her title until our convention in February of 2022.  She has graciously accepted.  We feel that Danielle deserves the full experience of representing LAFF and we look forward to watching her journey continue!  We will have events planned for your Miss queen to still represent your fair or festival proudly while networking with other queens. 


As we progress into uncharted territory, please know that we as an association are in this together!  Your LAFF board is here to support all our fairs and festivals in any way that we can.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our board members at any time.



Melissa Dottolo

Katelyn Calhoun

Vice President


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